Our Dogs

Training Log



September 1994 - May 2004

If ever one dog has improved the world, this was him. A friend had seen this pup hanging out near his apartment for several days. He picked him up and brought him to the marina where we lived at the time, knowing we had talked about getting a dog. A fire leapt in my heart when I saw this gangly, scruffy, golden eyed lab pup at the end of a piece of old rope. His eyes were full of the purest joy and love that I have ever seen. The vet estimated that he was about 6 months old and most likely purebred. He was healthy, though a bit thin, so I do not believe he had been on the streets for too long. We attempted to locate the owners, finding it impossible to believe someone would abandon a dog like this. I will be eternally grateful that no owners showed up for him.

I refer to the time we shared with Harry as my “Ten Years of Grace”. He brought a smile to every face that came in contact with him. I always thought there was a touch of magic about this dog. He knew when someone was ill or feeling down and would concentrate his entire focus on them. He calmed the timid or nervous dogs, brought out the good side of the mean ones and could always be counted on to supervise the pack while getting everyone involved in the game. In his too short life, Harry did all of the following:
  • First mate on charter fishing boat
  • Peed on a grumpy old man that complained about dogs on the beach
  • Babysat for youngsters, human and canine
  • Waited outside the local pub while his humans drank a beer at the end of the day
  • Entertained the tourists outside of said pub and got fed numerous french fries for his efforts
  • Endless body surfing
  • Went flying on a parasail
  • Played volley ball on the beach with the chicks (human kind)
  • Walked side by side with deer in the woods
  • Joined in a biker rally and made those big mean guys smile
  • Rode across the country with us to New Mexico just to play in the snow
  • Nursed me to health when I was laid low with a herniated disc
  • Did my PT exercises with me when I was recovering
  • Ate as many roasted oysters as any of us on a regular basis

When the time came that the light in those eyes was dimmed by the pain, our vet came to the house and sent Harry on his way as he rested in Ralph’s arms.harry Although the pain of his loss was the greatest I have known, the richness he gave to my life will be with me always.