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FC/AFC RSK’s Smooth Sailing X Hardscrabble Triple Crown

June 2, 2005

After months of searching the internet and reading all I could find on “performance” labs, I finally selected the sire of my pup to be. Even after having been warned about the level of training and exercise required by these Thoroughbreds of the dog world, I was sure we could be successful. After all, we raised Harry and he turned out great, right? From the first day he got home, the only traits Indy shared with his predecessor were his color and his absolute delight in life. At seven weeks, this pup was completely fearless and outgoing. On our first walk together by the river, he leapt off of a 3 foot bluff into the river and headed out for Parris Island. I think he wanted to join the marines.Puppy Indy When he was a youngster there were many days when I felt overwhelmed by Indy’s wild and wooly ways. He was not just energetic, he was very smart, very powerful and very determined. I knew I had to soon find a way to channel all of this into some sort of structure or disaster was sure to follow. When Indy reached about 15 months, I finally met someone local that trained his own dogs for field trials. It soon became apparent, that regardless of his natural talents, Indy would be seriously handicapped from top level performance due to the lack of early discipline. He achieved his AKC Junior Hunter title with absolutely no effort. We were unable to move forward and succeed in Senior because the needed control was not in place. For the last 2 years, we have trained everywhere we have traveled across the country. We have enjoyed incredible opportunities with some of the best amateurs and pros in the game. Indy still shows awesome natural ability, but time will tell whether I will ever be able to “keep him together” long enough to finish a trial. It is still my opinion, that if he can finish, he will win. There never has been a “low” setting on this dog.racer Indy As he approaches 6 years of age, we are still trying to find that perfect moment when it all comes together at the same time, hopefully in a trial! In spite of the flame that burns in this dogs heart and body, he is a treasure. He has a kind and friendly disposition with each human or canine he meets. He is a gentle puppy sitter and mentor. Indy has brought me more than I could ever have dreamed. I have a new life and passion that is growing everyday. Absolutely no other dog could have taught me as fast or brought me as far as my Indy. I may have a lot more gray hair, but I have also caught some of his joie de vivre!